Director | Attorney at Law | Patent Attorney

George J. H. HUANG
MSc, Biotechnology & Biochemistry, The University of Tokyo
LLB, National Taiwan University
BSc, Plant Pathology, National Taiwan University
Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, food and materials chemistry
English, Japanese (JLPT Level: N1), Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese (Taiwanese Hokkien)

George J. H. Huang is the founder of Wisdom International Patent & Law Office. George is the first Attorney at Law with a solid technical background who qualified as a Patent Attorney in Taiwan. Having over 27 years of experience in the intellectual property field, George is skilled at handling patent, trademark and design matters, from drafting and prosecution to cancellation, opposition and other contentious work. George has also been individually ranked and recognized as “Recommended Individual” in the IAM Patent 1000, the WTR 1000 and the ASIA IP rankings.

With the extensive technical knowledge and legal background, he has substantial experience in patent disputes and infringement proceedings. George is fluent in English and Japanese and he demonstrates his strengths by assisting notable overseas and Japanese corporate clients from diverse industries to obtain worldwide IP protections and enforce their rights. His clientele includes leading companies in semiconductor, chemical mechanical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, luxury goods, financial services and software industries.

Prior to founding Wisdom, George worked for two law firms in Taipei for 15 years, where he counseled corporate clients in intellectual property rights protection. Before beginning his career as an IP attorney, George worked for the multinational pharmaceutical company Eisai Co., Ltd, where he gained hands-on experience in clinical research and regulatory affairs.

George actively participates in professional associations and is a member of Anticounterfeiting Committee of International Trademark Association (INTA) and is a Councillor & Supervisor for the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) Taiwan Group. He is a lecturer in law courses at universities, and frequently invited as a guest speaker at intellectual property conferences in Taiwan and abroad.

He is the author of the two Japanese books: “Taiwan Trademark Practice Guide” (February 2022) and “Taiwan Patent Practice Guide” (April 2020), which are highly praised by in-house counsels and critics.

Outside work, George has a keen interest in trekking and swimming.

Professional Activities

“Patent Star”, “Trade Mark Star”, IP Stars
"Individual (Silver): Prosecution and Strategy", World Trademark Review 1000 (WTR 1000)
"Individual (Silver): Prosecution", IAM Patent 1000 - The World’s Leading Patent Professionals
2022 -
Anticounterfeiting Committee, International Trademark Association (INTA)
"IP Expert", ASIA IP
Enforcement Committee, International Trademark Association (INTA)
Councillor & Supervisor, Asian Patent Attorneys Association Taiwan Group; Trademarks Committee, Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
2010 - 2015
Vice-Chairperson, International Affairs Committee, Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association
2009 - 2015
Councillor & Supervisor, Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA)
Lecturer at National Kaohsiung Marine University, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and Tamkang University
2009 - 2015
Patent Attorneys Disciplinary Committee, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China
2007 - 2009
Biotechnology Law Committee, Taipei Bar Association (TBA)


Taipei Bar Association (TBA), Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TPAA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), International Trademark Association (INTA), International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)


Publications and Seminars


台湾商標実務ガイド (Taiwan Trademark Practice Guide) (Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation, 2022)


台湾専利実務ガイド (Taiwan Patent Practice Guide) (Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation, 2020)



"Prosecution History Estoppel: Differences in Regulations between U.S., China, and Taiwan and Suggested Strategies", AIPLA Innovate Magazine (June 2023).


"Inventive step Judgement on Pharmaceutical Polymorph Patents and How to Leverage Patent Linkage System in Taiwan (台湾における結晶形関連発明の進歩性判断及びパテントリンケージ制度の有効活用)(May 2023, VOL.73 NO.5 [NO.869])


"A Quick Guide to Protecting Luxury Handbags in Taiwan", INTA Bulletin Feature Article (Vol. 77 Issue 30, August 2022).


"Strategies in Response to Patent Eligibility Requirements for Computer Software Patents in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, China and Europe”, AIPLA Innovate Magazine (June 2022).


"Beware of infringement when using others' trade marks in hashtags (#) online", FICPI BLOG (June 2022).


"Significant Changes in Taiwan Patent Act and Strategies for Patent Applications in Taiwan", Mitteilungen der deutschen Patentanwälte (Heft 5/2021) (May 2021).


"Altering a Registered Trademark—Taiwan Court Clarifies Grounds for Revocation", INTA Bulletin Feature Article (Vol. 76 Issue 19, May 2021).


"Trends, Developments, and Filing Strategies of AI Medical Patents in Taiwan", AIPLA Innovate Magazine (March 2021).


"Analysis of Practical Determination on Whether Parody Constitutes Infringement in the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court", FICPI BLOG (December 2020).


"Patent Eligibility of AI Technology Inventions in Taiwan and Analysis of Filing Strategies ", AIPLA Innovate Magazine (July 2020).

"How to Respond to Significant Changes to the Taiwan Patent Act", FICPI IP NEWS (May 2020).

“Non-obviousness and Infringement Judgment on Inventions with Parametric Claims: Analysis of Taiwan Intellectual Property Court Recent Decisions”, Journal of Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) 知財管理誌 (2018), 68(12) NO.816.


"Differences in Regulations between U.S., China, and Taiwan and Suggested Strategies", AIPLA Innovate Magazine (June 2023).


"An overview of pharmaceutical patent litigation in Taiwan and case review", FICPI Journal Issue 2 (July 2023).



Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Seminar "Brand Protection Strategies from Recent Intellectual Property Decisions and Issues" (December 2020).


“George Huang and Kai Furihata on Taiwan Intellectual Property Trends”, of Invention Magazine July 2021 issue published by the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIII)(July 2021).




Patent Attorney

Sandy Huang
MSc, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
BSc, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials, Semiconductor Process, Software
English, Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese (Taiwanese Hokkien)
Sandy Huang graduated from National Taiwan University with a master’s degree in chemical engineering. She is a registered patent attorney and her practice focuses on patent drafting, prosecution, disputes and invalidation in various countries, particularly in the areas of chemical engineering, mechanics and semiconductors. Sandy Huang also has extensive experience in patent search, freedom-to-operate analysis and patent portfolio managements.


Sandy Huang participates in international professional associations, attends various intellectual property conferences, and in her spare time, she likes to cook, bake and work out in gyms.



“Inventive Step of Selection Invention – Taiwan IP Court Rejected ROHM AND HAAS’s Patent Application” (Wisdom News Vol. 72)


“Determining Obviousness in Semiconductor-Related Patents: Phoenix Silicon International Corporation v. Integrated Service Technology” (Wisdom News Vol. 62)


“Strategies in response to the new Patent Examination Guidelines in Taiwan” (Wisdom News Vol. 61)


“Taiwan Court Reiterates its Determination on Patent Invalidation on the Ground of Usurpation: Largan Precision v. Ability Opto-Electronics” (Wisdom News Vol. 40)




Patent Attorney

Yi-Ting Chen
MSc, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, National Taiwan University
BSc, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, National Taiwan University
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Food
English, Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese (Taiwanese Hokkien)
Yi-Ting holds a master’s degree in Plant Pathology and Microbiology from National Taiwan University and is a registered patent attorney. Her practice encompasses all aspects of patent law, ranging from prosecution to litigation. She is experienced in patent drafting, freedom-to-operate analysis, and patent linkage litigation.




"Inventive step Judgement on Pharmaceutical Polymorph Patents and How to Leverage Patent Linkage System in Taiwan (台湾における結晶形関連発明の進歩性判断及びパテントリンケージ制度の有効活用)(May 2023, VOL.73 NO.5 [NO.869])


“Whether Erroneous Prior Art Disclosure Supports Obviousness--Comparison between Taiwan, China, US and Europe Practice (Wisdom News English, published 13 January 2023)


“First Victory for Generic Drug Company: Bayer’s Anti-cancer Drug Nexavar® Patent Successfully Challenged under New Patent Linkage System (Wisdom News English, published 16 December 2021)


“IP Court Establishes Selection of Lead Compound and Motivation to Modify the Lead Compound | Comparative Analysis across Taiwan, the United States, Europe and China (Wisdom News English, published 26 May 2022)




Patent Attorney

Zhi-Huei Yang
MSc, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
BSc, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials, Semiconductor Process, Design
Japanese (JLPT N1), English, Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese (Taiwanese Hokkien)
Zhi-Huei obtained her master’s degree in chemical engineering from National Taiwan University and is a registered patent attorney. Her practice ranges from patent prosecution to disputes and invalidation. She also has vast experience in patent drafting, patent search, and freedom-to-operate analysis.




“台湾 化学分野における補正「新規事項追加」の判断に関する判例(知的財産及び商事裁判所2021年行専訴字第1号判決)(Wisdom News Japanese Vol. 103)


“Case Study: How Examples Play a Decisive Role in Determining Inventive Step and Definiteness (Wisdom News English, published 7 February 2023)


Our professionals are all experienced in handling all aspects of intellectual property protection, including trademark, design, copyright and patent cases in all technologies.


Patent Team

Wisdom Patent Team is dedicated to protecting your innovation. We assist clients in a full spectrum of issues: patent drafting and prosecution, disputes, invalidation and litigation, patent portfolio management and enforcement.

Graduated from the top graduate schools, our Patent Attorneys and Patent Engineers have high level of knowledge and experience of a broad range of technical areas, including biotechnology, chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, electronics, optoelectronics, precision machinery, mechanics and design.

Communication is the key to effective patent protection. All our Patent Team members have in-depth proficiency in English, Japanese and Chinese and have obtained the highest level of English and Japanese language qualifications. Wisdom understands our clients’ businesses and advises clients in a long-term strategic way.


Trademark Team

Wisdom Trademark Team is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience of trademark laws and practices. Our strong team includes skilled attorneys, trademark professionals that have trademark qualifications from the Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, and paralegals. Combined with our excellent communication skills in English, Japanese and Chinese, we advise clients in trademark prosecution, anti-counterfeiting, infringement matters, oppositions, invalidations and revocation, licensing and dispute resolution.

We can provide an insightful as well as commercial approach on how to protect and manage your brands.


Litigation and Disputes Resolution Team

Led by experienced intellectual property attorneys, Wisdom not only handles intellectual property related litigations and disputes in Taiwan and other jurisdictions, but also patent and trademark third party observations, infringement, invalidation, patent invalidation opinion, trademark opposition and revocation, appeals, copyright protection and Taiwan Fair Trade Act issues.


Patent and Trademark Portfolio Monitoring Team

Wisdom believes time is of utmost importance in protecting intellectual property. We have a Portfolio Monitoring Team specialized in managing patent and trademark portfolios and their relevant due dates in any countries.

Wisdom is closely monitoring your trademark and third party applications, and we would notify you timely on the various due dates, ensuring that your intellectual property rights receives the best protection.




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